Hello my beautiful loves, for those of you following on the internet I've been moving across the country (and working on Leo Oil, and trying not to cry all the time!) I'm going to take an extended sabbatical from posting here. But fear not, did you know I have written 960 posts on this blog?!? Have you read them all? Not even sure I have, bhahaha. So thank you for your patience while I life transition, and please, play around and explore. I have that awesome search bar above with great categories like acne, masks, devices (that's Ziip, Nuface, LED masks) there's also the cancer tab but like, you know, follow your heart. If you're asking a question about skincare, or a specific product you've seen me use, or how it feels to have breast cancer, there's a pretty great chance it's been answered on here and is only a few clicks in that search bar away. And I get it - sometimes you want to talk to a real person! I'm a real person. Hit me up on instagram, I live there and I answer every single message that's not people trying to get me into pyramid schemes or hit on me.

I'm still responding to messages and DMs every day. I'm still happy to answer any questions you might have! It's just hard to write a blog post on a phone and I'm a little rootless right now. Love you guys so much, thank you for being on this crazy journey with me. Also, this dress is everything so here's the link.