The idea of fewer, better things (sorry Cuyana) is something that has invaded my wardrobe but not my top shelf. I'm starting to realize the potential in having fewer things that I "have" to do each day. As I continue this journey back to caring for myself, I'm trying to set myself up to be successful. One of my big resolutions this year was to wash my face every day instead of giving myself three-hour facials every 3 days out of guilt. Having the right tools is really helping me to achieve that goal and (nobody is surprised) that my skin loves it. It's like quitting yo-yo dieting, but for my face. More prevention, more gentle treatment, fewer products. Who's with me?

For a girl who once did 12 steps of just skincare, this feels impressively minimalist.

Now, if you're a wash and go, girl, you might not be impressed with this. But I am not, or I haven't been, until recently. And now I am. And it's amazing when I am feeling terrible, or when I'm feeling inspired and don't want to lose the muse. These steps are easy, fast, and also awesomely effective. And while the numbers seem daunting at first, using fewer, better products may also be better for my wallet.

The first thing to go from my routine? Foundation. Seems like I don't even really need it anymore....

Miceller Water
 | C Serum > Brush teeth , meditatemascara while I glaze > Leo Oil > Vitamin > Sunscreen > Out.