Pun intended. Come winter my hands screams for attention. Everything from the freeze-dryer like climate to the frequent hand washing and alcohol-based hand-sanitizers is designed to destroy them. They are precious, and while I would never wish my neuropathy on my worst enemy, there is just no winning when it comes to taking your hands for granted. Love them and they will do wonderous things for you.

Here's what got me all in a tizzy.

Hand Creams

You would think I'd be a fan of the ubiquitous tubes and their rich texture, luscious scent and usefulness. However, I find most hand creams sticky, or weak. The scent is either too much, or not enough. The price is also a boon. While I know I'm getting super concentrated ingredients, if it's sticky and I have to wash it off, or if it doesn't last, then I end up smarting. Who cares if the ingredients are super lush if they can't make it past the thick crust of winter's bane I'm trying to combat in the first place?

The following are my all-time favorites that have come along in my last two years dealing with winter. The Le Labo has the delectably chic packaging, smells like wet leaves in the south and exotic grass, and manages to be both gravity-defyingly thick and also not sticky. The Kose handcream is a little Japanese secret, recommended by the shop girl at the treasure of a beauty supply store I found with my best friend. It's much lighter and has fun little bubbles to pop that release some kind of magic.  To me this wonder smells a bit like grape bubbilicious but in the best possible way. Like whatever the chic, non-sticky equivalent of that would be. My hands always look instantly better after applying it. And while I'm a bit precious about the Le Lab, so it happilylives on my bedside table, the The is always with me, waiting to be called into action as the circumstances demand. The Hand Chemistry contains retinol, which means it's a sometimes nighttime treatment. I love the soft, sugary smell of this one, especially right before bed. It's like a little bit of dessert for my hands. Lastly the Healthy Hoof cream, which I really only use on the top part of my finger.  And yes, both of these have been featured before, I still love them!

Le Labo Hand Cream $25 | Kose Hand Cream $7  | The Hand Chemistry Cream $20 | Gena Healthy Hoof Cream $7


Mama loves her oils. To me a good cuticle oiling is tantamount to a long facial massage. I'm definitely not precious about what I use - watch me sneak in a bit when I'm cooking. I've used bacon grease, coconut oil, and Aquaphor - which is not technically an oil but might as well be. If you follow me on instagram you know I recently acquired the Dr. Hauschka Neem Oil (on sale for $15 + free shipping) endorsed by @gelcream, aka the most beautiful hands on the internet. I've only used it once so it seems too soon to stay but I loved the packaging and the push stick enclosed. Sometimes convenience of application is enough to make a product earn my eternal devotion (bacon grease is hard to carry around, but it looks and smells beautiful!) I can say that even though I applied the oil and pushed my nails back hours ago, I have yet to see a single stray flip of skin so I'm already basically sold. Bio oil is also great when you're like me and you do things like dig into your cuticles until deep crater-like scabs form on the edges. It's healing (I used it after my scars) and will normally be rubbed into my cuticles, and then everywhere else. In emergencies I like to rub the bio oil into my nail bed, then seal it in with a big thick layer of the aforementioned Aquaphor.

Either way I hope you manage to find what works for you and your budget. My hands tend to hurt more when it's cold - aforementioned neuropathy - but massaging in these silky creations tends to help with my attitude about the pain, if not actually the pain itself. Take care of yourself out there beauties, but know I'm always here to give you a helping hand. Pun definitely intended.