There is a certain aesthetic, I'm going to use the catchall "Beauty Girls" but it might as well be "Glossier Reps" or "Cool 20-Year-Olds Living in NY and their fans" to whom Ganni > Gucci (unless it's makeup) and we can tell you 14 facts about any product you ask us about, because someone  from their brand has already reached out to us and asked if they can send us a bottle (or we bought it instead of food.)

 It's easy to spot one of us on instagram because we have created deliberate highlight covers since we cannot stand how our carefully curated layout is destroyed by little, circle cropped pictures. Plus we are always using whatever the latest instastory is (filters, gifs, you name it, we can teach you how to do it the day it launches.) App always updated.

When we meet our friends they look through our purses (bucket bags) and then humor us while we pose the things inside in a pool of light with a carefully curated selection of random items. We are an army of #itgshelfies, and we will never tell you to buy something, but will happily give you a list of everything we love, wish we could try, and (in hushed tones) do not like.

To know us is to love us, but maybe not to understand us. So I thought I'd break down a few key items.

Bucket Bags

I don't know when glass bottles became ubiquitous to plastic ones, but a bucket bag prevents clanging, dinging, and breaking. It also allows for a larger, more adaptive surface area for our creams and products. There's a  lot of vertical space to work with! In particular, we love a STIFF bucket bag, because they are the easiest to photograph, basically just chic easter baskets, but the eggs are Glossier You, Chanel Lipstick, three kinds of concealer, and a scrunchy. For me, it also allows me to look down at my precious babies whenever I feel like it. Seeing those chic tubes, glinting sensual glass curves, chrome-laced wands, and appetizing creamy pots brings me so much joy. Plus it's easier to find things.


We've been using these in secret for years (they make great waves, don't damage hair, come in flattering shades, cost pennies) and also make great bracelets. When we wear them they are somewhat infantilizing, but like in a good way. People always tell me I look younger and fresher when I carelessly throw my hair back into a low, loose pony with a scrunchie. They seem both effortless and also, in their own weird way, so chic. They add pops of color to our mostly black wardrobes, and, they draw attention to our faces - our "money makers" for lack of better parlance.  Mine started creeping out of the house around the same time I found myself in desperate need of a way to get my hair out of my face and those black over-priced torture strings broke in my hands (for the billionth time) but I promise, you will be seeing them everywhere soon.