The first and most important part of recreating a look you see on someone else is to gently remind yourself that they have their face, and you have yours. This is not an exercise in transforming your perfectly great face into someone else's perfectly great face. This is a quest for inspiration - in this case the easy, super defined eye, the translucent skin coverage that allows the freckles to peek through, the lavish use of bronzer, and the totally naked lip. Zoe is a gorgeous actress, and I am me. I am never going to look like her, and while with one hundred percent honesty I can't say I don't want to look like her, I can say that particular exercise would be futile. It would be cross purposes with the intentions of this blog, which are to feel beautiful, as you.

With that in mind, and because quite frankly I am feeling lazy AF today, I am not going to urge you to buy what I bought. Odds are good that you already have what you need to recreate this look. If you don't, and you want it, I'll try to include links whenever I feel like. That is the best I have to offer you today. If you want to DM you can and I will tell you the exact link, but honestly, the best thing about this look is that you don't need anything!

The first and most important actual physical step, once you’ve gotten right with your self-love and expectations, is to prep your skin. I started with a Ziip treatment and a super moisturizing mask. This is really personal and dependent on what your skin needs, but you want to pamper your skin so that you feel comfortable with a very sheer base. After my usual moisturizer and sunscreen application, I applied a glowing primer to my skin.

After that I applied concealer around the mouth, nose and eyes and blurred it out from the center of my face. I followed by applying my cloud paint in Haze and haloscope in Moonstone, then my foundation. I cannot get enough of this trick, it just looks like your skin only healthier and glowier.

I gave my lashes super curl (you can see it in the picture) by squeezing it three times, once as close to the lash as possible, once in the middle, and then again towards the tips. This takes practice but it's worth it because it's soooo pretty, really "opens up the eye" whatever that means.

Then I applied a tight line of liquid liner as close to my lashline as possible, not worrying too much because a bunch of stuff is going on top of it. I wanted that supersaturated darkness but the look is soft, so I went over that line, and around the bottom of the lash, with a soft pencil. I followed that with my bronzer, on a flat eyeshadow brush, applied under the eye very tightly, and very sloppily on the lid. Lots of finger smudging to get it very soft but still striking. Some people call this "smoking out" but I tried to keep it within the line of the eye, so maybe just "smoking."

Then I took the same bronzer, made a wedge in my cheek, blended, on repeat until I got the look I wanted. Finished with some wowder, my usual brow pencil/boy brow schtick.

The best part about this fun game is trying to ghetto rig the techniques. Who knows what the artist actually did but it's fun to practice - the hardest thing is usually just to pick up the pen. The best thing about makeup is if you mess it up, you can wash it off. I wish all my mistakes were that easy to solve. urrently shopping around a new product idea - a cleanser that washes away bad decisions. Who's in?