Imagine a world in which a product existed that could be accessed almost anywhere. In a hotel, at the beach, on an airplane. It is basically free. It will help disappear a pimple, depuff eyes, temporarily shrink pores, and impart a rosy glow in cheeks. It is 100% natural, has zero side effects (except frostbite - use common sense here) and produces almost no waste.

Are you with me now?

Ice is the wunderkind of the beauty world.

Apply it to a pimple and it not only reduces swelling and redness, but it can help to heal the infection by freezing the bacteria to death.

Applied under the eyes it depuffs, improves circulation, and honestly, feels pretty amazing. Wet a paper towel, sandwich some cubes between it, and fold it over your eyes for an indulgent mini eye mask.

Dunk your face in a bowl of water with ice (or just rub the cubes quickly around your face) and your pores will shrink, a natural defense mechanism to trap heat in the body or “shut” the pores. Honestly I don’t know if that’s real at all, but try to deny that your face looks tighter and smoother after a quick freeze.

And the natural blush? Think about that cute winter time glow, but targeted to just your cheeks. It’s not my first choice blush but it works in a pinch.