If you've been following along on my adventures in San Francisco, then you probably recognize this look. I'm into it because it's got the punch of a smokey eye, with the ease of not a smokey eye. No tools are required except your fingers and the makeup. It's distinctive and flattering, and so much easier than it looks. It's also a quabillion times easier than a cat eye or narrow line. It's goof proof. It might be the easiest eye makeup on this entire blog other than none at all. If you travel for the holidays, it's light on the brushes. Don't worry about being precious with the shadow and liner - it looks better a little messy, a little smudged, a little tousled.

Don't ask me how I got my hair this shiny - my mom is using a new brand of hair color from Beth Minardi that has serious shine, boosted with an Olaplex treatment. She blew it out with a big, round brush, and then I brushed it out with the Amika Polished Perfection Mini Straightening Brush. I don't think my hair has ever been this shiny.

Best of all, it lasts and lasts and looks even better when it smudges into the eye. Very rock'n'roll.

DIY Acne Oil
Caudelie Mist, Serum, Moisturizer (or try this kit)
Glossier Sunscreen

Pat McGrath 005 in Bronze (try Fenty Beauty in Trophy Wife)
Vivid Red Liner
Mac Rose Gold Powder
Thin Gel Liner

Blemish Concealer
Beauty Blender

Cloud Paint in Haze & Beam, Haloscope in Quartz
CoverFx Drops in Moonlight

Brow Pencil
Boy Brow in Clear

Lip Tint

Feeeeeling myself