Now that the "pizza cutter" liner has a budget-friendlier dupe (MAC's original version goes for $21) I decided to give it a try. Love it in theory - since my hands went I can't do a delicate cate eye to save my life. But oft things that seem great! helpful! so much easier! in theory, end up not being so for someone like me. Someone who gets a little set in my ways and doesn't like change. Someone who also occasionally has my fingers replaced while I'm sleeping with mini sausages. Over twenty dollars is a lot to pay for something I don't even know if I can use, and there's no way this delicate germophobe is trying the store tester.

Fortune shined on me though, because soon after Revlon delivered it's version at about half the price, and I was due for a hygienic refresh - I try to replace things that touch my eyes every 3-4 months. So it came, and even though my face was scrubbed clean and already ready for bed, I couldn't resist getting my fingers on it. The result for my first-time use was amazing. I imagine/hope I will only get better and more symmetrical with more practice.

I love innovations like this. The kind that makes me smack my head and say, "Man I wish I thought of this! It's genius."

Here's my first look, straight from my insta-story. For those of you interested in a little flick, but intimidated by liquids (or just can't get it straight enough, or have no interest in putting tape on your face, or just, looking for a festive fall thing) this might be worth checking out.

You can see it in action in both of the previous posts from this week, Hanacure & Gigi Hadid's Maybelline palette. It's a nice compliment to both of them, I promise next week I'll go back to the same products over and over again, but it's really fun to add in a few new updates for the season, spice things up a bit.

I feel a little bit like I've created a makeup pantry, and now every season I can just add a few cheap, trendy of the moment ingredients to keep the whole dish fresh. Also sorry not sorry for the star freckles, it's just finally, a filter that deservedly glorifies freckles, you know what I mean?