It has come to my attention that some of you were trapped in a top secret lab averting an international nuclear crisis or trapped under the ocean, or some other totally legit reason for why you missed my Lenny instagram takeover. It's cool. I will eventually forgive you. In poor timing on my part, I got to film all of this live during the actual week after I got chemo. You can't fake this kind of authenticity. This should also satisfy the questions for those of you who wonder, what is it like right after chemo. I'm not at my best, but I can still look cute and make things. I spent the rest of the week sleeping to recover from each morning tho...

Anyways, ICYMI (or if you saw it but want to see it again/save it)

Day 1: Self Care in Bed

Day 2:  Healing GRWM

Day 3:  Anti-Nausea Beauty Smoothie

Day 4: Sleep

Day 5: Kindness