It's so good. Neutral. Soft. Fluffy. Water resistant (I know this both from being caught in the snow and from a nasty incident with a carsick puppy in the back of a lyft.) It's long. As a rule, they run huge, and oversized  Also, it's awesome for layering (over and under) and the perfect travel coat because it doubles as a soft, comfortable, plush blanket for planes, trains, automobiles, walks, and like, life. It was the only coat I brought on my trip from Denver to SF and was absolutely perfect - with the right layers - from 65 to 25 degrees. My biggest worry is that it will disintegrate from overuse before I get sick of it, which to be fair, maybe never because I love it so much. Also, Elle magazine called Winter 2017 the Season of the Teddy Coat.

Uniqlo Long Teddy Coat  (currently sold out in the US but not Uk!) | JCrew Fancier Teddy Coat (sell out risk) | BooHoo Tall Teddy Coat (on sale for $43 - anticipating a sell out here too) | H&M Teddy Coat ($80)