Was that too mean girl? Sorry. I'm feeling sassy today. The truth is that this particular trick was born of a gross necessity in my life. I'm not asking for pity, but my Mami slash hairdresser is a billion miles away. I have a bald spot in my right eyebrow that can be spotted from space if not properly filled in. Also, my hands - so oft neglected for their nimbleness - often feel like mini hot dogs attached to my hands by bubble gum and wishes*.

That leaves me with two choices - entrust the frames on my face to untrusted strangers in a town where sunscreen is considered high maintenance or do them myself.

Now I wish that this solution was deliberate, but honestly, it was an accident. I've been basically doing a horrible job of tinting my brows for months, and then just doing my best to scrub off the extra, the drips, the overdrawn catastrophes, with oil and carefully placed concealer.

Then one day, I was doing a mask, and I decided to do my brows at the same time. LIGHTBULB.

The face mask acted as a stencil, allowing me to use my hobbled fingers to create the perfect arch and just gently wipe off any errant dye.

So there it is. Put on a mask (something with color helps a lot) and then apply brow tint a few minutes before it's time to wash it off. Be as precise as you can... but don't sweat it. The mistakes wash away with the mask.

Mic drop.


BROW TINT KIT: includes brush + developer + dye + glass
PURE BLACK (what I use)
LIGHT BROWN (good for blondes)
June Jacobs Moisturizing Mask Mandarin / Cranberry Pomegranate

* I have chronic neuropathy from my chemotherapy. In this case, the chemotherapy has eaten away at the myelin sheaths that protect the nerves in my fingers. Without the protective coating they nerves are either constantly overstimulated (resulting in painful "pins and needles" that can last for days, or they die. One of the reasons I have started to eschew buttons and jewelry is because it's a crapshoot whether I can get them on by myself on any given day.