Like most beauty bloggers, I have a love/hate relationship with unboxing. Like, I love watching them, totally eat them up, but then am I being annoying? Is it braggy? I don't want to be like, ooo, look at me, look what I got, aren't I fancy. I am for sure not fancy.

For one thing, I'm trying to break this cycle of "new, new, more, new" and instead just have a few amazing things I can rely on. That also come in cute packaging. That are also easy to carry around, and a good value. Which is to say that I am pretty high maintenance. And yet, I've never recovered from the cord of absolute twinness, the feeling that someone so completely gets me, as I did when I read this tweet.

- @karenkilgariff

This is how I feel a lot of days. It's no secret that when I was in the thick of chemo I became best friends with the girls at my local Sephora. It seemed possible that somewhere in that formerly slightly overwhelming, Willy Wonka factory would be the thing that would fix me. 

But of course, there is no such thing as makeup that can fix you. Makeup should not "fix" you. You are perfect just the way you are. Makeup is candy, a fresh set of really expensive colored pencils, and the shop from The Craft movie all wrapped up in one. 

That said. when Gigi (whose coloring is pretty similar to mine) launched what she called an "everything you need" palette I was IN. You should see my purse (you have seen my purse, a few times) and the idea of one cute, secure thing that would have all the things I need is too appealing not to buy. Plus it's damn cute. 

Now, I'm fresh off a brutal week of lupron, which means you get a lot of videos this week. Videos are much easier for me to make when my hands are hurting and I'm 2-4 scale in pain. So here is this week's first video - the unboxing, and preceding application of this all in one kit. What do you think? Did she nail it? Did I nail it? 

I am feeling much, much better than last week, although still have sausage fingers, insomnia, hot flashes, and fatigue, I can clean the house again which makes me happy (can't function with a dirty house) and also go out for a few hours if I sleep all day. Give me a week and I will be good as new, fingers crossed. 

PS This sweater is from Target. It's the same as the white sweater I wore day 2 for Lenny, but in an XXL (because it was literally the last one in the store.) It's amazing.

Thanks for visiting today, come back tomorrow for a verrry special halloween mask - the infamous Hanacure  zombie mask.