You might think that a leather beret would be difficult to wear, but the truth is it's easy. Apply to head, and go. J/k but really, it's such a statement-making thing that it might seem intense as an add-on. A little too much. Trying just to a little too hard. The truth is, it's instant badass powder. It's warm, breathable, doesn't crush your roots, and can make literally anything look tough and kind of Dior. Trust me, I researched it.  Here I'm wearing it with an oversized faux shearling moto coat, a thrifted silver sparkly tank, grey spanx leggings, and my trusty slip-on leather sneakers. Add on this Ref approved leather beret, which at $72 is probably the best deal in town if you wear real leather, and voila. I also have big plans to wear it with oversized sweaters, rock tees, girly blouses - you know, everything I own.

I'm just going to leave these pictures here and let them do all the talking for me.