If you already watched the video, then you are probably subscribed to my Youtube channel. Just know, that I am sending a giant love bomb of positive energy out to you. I hope it doesn't get screened by postal security. 

Sorry, I crack myself up. 

Anywho, here's my new video. I've been using oil, concealer, and powder instead of foundation, concealer, and powder. Both my skin and I are very happy with this choice. Now I am going to list all the products I used in the video. It also means a lot if you shop my link. Every time you shop my link a fairy gets its wings. Some of these fairies are so fast now because they have like 4 sets of wings. They're not pets so much as houseguests.

It's really hard for me just to know how long to make this post, because I spent hours making this video, and I would much rather you watch it than read more of my blatant pandering. 

Love my like I love you, which is wholeheartedly. But take me as the attention junkie I am. Good vibes from the internet keep me alive. Every time a video gets watched, I get my wings. The emotional wings that power me through the days when I don't feel well and need a reason to be alive and out of bed. 

  1. June Jacobs Neroli Mist
  2. Peach Slices Citrus Honey Aqua Glow
  3. Dr. Hauschka Balancing Oil
  4. The Ordinary Virgin Marula Oil
  5. Glossier Sunscreen
  6. Makeup Forever Aqua XL
  7. Marc Jacobs Skinny Pencil
  8. Cloud Paint in Haze
  9. Wowder in Medium
  10. Brow Pencil
  11. Brow Fluffing Gel in Brown
  12. Chanel Boy