I'm not even going to do a product list for this post, because it really is the same stuff I use all the time. Lot's of Glossier (shop my link!) plus a few favorites from Violet Grey I use over and over again (Chanel Coco Rouge Hydrating Lip Shine, Jillian Dempsey Lid Tint in Peach + Lilac.) Honestly, I go into enough detail in this video that I'm not super stressed about you figuring out what you need. If you have questions ask me, I get really lonely during the day while everyone else is at work. Just me and the puppies and the internet.

I think my favorite thing about this look is I had zero plan. I decided to film at the last minute. I was reading all of your awesome feedback, I was inspired by this gorgeous romantic top, I know what makes me feel the most beautiful, and what my husband likes - it is date night after all. The inspiration words were natural, healthy, glowing, radiant, romantic, soft, sweet, and princess**.

I have a very playful approach to most of the things in my life, and that includes how I do my makeup on most days. I go into my toybox, I grab what moves me, and I go to town.

Hope you like this Getting Ready With Me (GWRM), give me more ideas I'm so happy to have you do all the hard work for me!

**Let's take back the word princess ok? I love it.