1. 1.
    give out steady light without flame.

    "the tips of their cigarettes glowed in the dark"

    synonyms:radiate heat, smolderburn
  1. 1.
    a steady radiance of light or heat.

    "the setting sun cast a deep red glow over the city"

    synonyms:radiancelightshinegleamglimmer, incandescence, luminescence;

Here's how this look goes. You start with moisturizer. You always start with moisturizer. Today, because the theme is glow, and because it's warm, you're going to do the soft, velvety texture of the Citrus-Honey Aqua Glow. Then You curl your lashes, squeeze, squeeze. Finger into the silvery pink, the pads of fingers meet pads of eyes. Precise as those doughy digits, all along the lid. Press again, this time into the golden bronzed brick. Lightly, lightly it's so soft it feels as if it could crumble. Nice patina on the finger, then tap-tap-tap just in the middle of the lid where the iris lives. Out comes the palette. Sweep of the brush into the rich, royal, shimmering purple. Careful now, just a soft wash under the eyes, pressed up into the lash line, then out till the flick of the flash. Tight and precise as that fat little shadow brush can be. Press the liner into the lashes, top and bottom. Squiggle it in between the stalks of lash hair. Two thick coats of mascara.

On to the cheeks. A heavy swoosh of moonstone before your base. Because Katie Jane Hughes told you to, and she is Queen BAE Glow.  Stretch concealer, slick, waxy, melting from the heat of your skin, blending softly under the eyes, around the nose. Tiniest drop of light creamy foundation smooshed all over the face. Over the luscious, dense, oiled wonder of the highlighter, mixing together with some magic alchemy.

Another swoop of moonstone, white-hot radiance, this time just the very tip of the nose, along the bridge, just the top slashes of the cheekbone. Fingers into the silvery pink again, powdered luminescence, then pressed on top to stick to the layer below. Tap. Tap. Tap.  Paper thin layer over paper-thin layer so the glow looks like it scorching it's way from the inside out.

The lilac of the lid tint, that cool girl magic is calling out to be gently applied under the eyes. A little crescent of perfectly frost-free glow. Makes the eyes pop and sparkle. Incandescent lushness concentrated around the softest skin of eyes and cheeks.

No powder. Just a few upward ticks with brown brow gel. A setting spritz of cool, sweet mist. A slick of gloss to the lips.