I've created a form to help me evaluate the next stages of growth and change for my heart's project - www.leowithcancer.com.

 If more than 100 people respond, I will randomly select a winner. The winner will get the @jenu_hightechbeauty in Rose Gold. If less than 100 people fill out the form, then I will come up with another super cool prize TBD. 

 You also have to follow @jenu_hightechbeauty and me to win. They didn't ask me to but I think you should because they are the sweetest, and also I love their skincare tips! The Jenu is a magic wand, that helps dramatically increase the absorption of your skincare. If you use skincare you should use one of these. Just the infuser is normally $249 but they are currently running a promo on their site for $99 (including the gel!) 

Also, it's Violet Code approved, calling it "tThe astonishingly effective wand that increases skincare absorption" (Read the profile!) 

Send your friends! Love you all. 😘✨👋