TL:DR*: This stuff is amazing. You should totally get it.

Ok, first and foremost, some of this is going to be repetitive if you follow along on instagram, so let's start with the straight up product review.

The body oil is a medium-thick oil that turns into a thick, luscious, non-bubbly foam when you add water. It cleans without over stripping and has a delicious, tropical scent. I would say expensive Hawaii, like plumeria and other tropical flowers. It's not overwhelming but smells like a ligh version of the OI line from Davines. Afterwards, my skin felt bouncy and soft, although not so moisturizing that I would eschew lotion after. In terms of body wash, this is probably my favorite I have ever tried. I loved the feeling of the oil, it was so decadent and pleasurable to apply. I loved the way my shower smelled like it was next to a window with blooming flowers on vacation. I loved that it cleaned my skin without over stripping it. I have never felt this excited about a body wash, although I have loved many. My only lament is that I don't think it would work as a bubble bath, but that's probably good for its moisturizing abilities.

The body lotion was slow love. The first time I used it, I was like, this is nice. I have many nice body lotions. It wasn't until I reapplied the next morning that it started to blow my mind (I included a picture of it below.) There was a noticeable flush of color caused by the elimination of the layer of dull, for lack of a better word ashiness, which brought out the olive in my skin. It glowed in both skin color and also from whatever magical particles. It also lasts which is something I didn't even realize I cared about, so used am I to frequent reapplication.

The packaging is gorgeous, nobody is surprised.

But my favorite thing about the products is the ad campaign. The size, age, and racial diversity of the gorgeous models (all of whom are badass, successful, smart, athletic chicks) is something that made me so proud to rep this brand. I want to spend my money (and therfore my power as a consumer) supporting beauty brands that embrace diverse casting. This is how we make change. This is how we eliminate one size/color/age casting, by using our money to show that's not we want. We want brands that make us feel good about ourselves, not like less than.  Don't tell me there's something wrong with me to try to sell me things.

I have posted a lot about this on my instagram the last couple of days, and while I thought of just posting that here, I'd rather link it so you'll follow and engage with me on my preferred platform. Radical honesty for you my darlings.

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