Inspired by the "appetizers" in HotMess Kitchen. This "recipe" is to put whatever pickled things you have in your refridgerator (I used sweet hot peppers, cocktail olives, and limes which I sliced) along with Tajin Clasico, which is also a pantry staple for me. This inexpensive spice blend is made up of chile peppers and dried, crushed limes, plus thick crunchy salt. I first had it on fruit (it's amazing, trust) but have since started putting it on everything from eggs to cocktails. It's amazing as a rim for cocktails ranging from margaritas to this, the traditional Michelada.

If you want to be traditional you need Clamato and light beer. I brought this tray to a bloody mary brunch and used whatever juice someone else had brought plus vodka. I also salted half the limes, and covered the other half with the spice. Then I spent more time plating it then I did cooking, which was amazing because I had chemo the day before. The parchment paper liner made a nice decoration (as did the vintage glass and ice bucket I brought with) but mostly I did it so I wouldn't have to wash the tray after.

I did not make the cheese on a toothpick, but I imagine it was a gazillion times more work.

Makes a perfect fall mock/cocktail. As Mama would say, "Drink it in good health."