However you want! Ok, but seriously. I became obsessed with the idea of a red eye look when I saw a couple of people on Into the Gloss wearing it. It looked so pretty but also so edgy. Those two things rarely go hand in hand, am I right?

It took a lot of experimenting before I could pull this look off without looking sick/ill, but when I got it, it became one of my fall go-tos. It really makes anything look more fall, but also more "cool."

Here's my best advice for nailing the look:

Go big or go home. It has to look like make-up or you will look sick. I love the bright, punchy, neon red in the Nyx Vivid Brights eyeliner in Fire Red.  I draw on a black line first, and then use it as a ruler. For the second look, I layered on a my favorite universally flattering red lip ( Gen G in Zip**) on my eyelids, and then just in the center of my lips to create that ombre lip look I'm so into.  Then I went over the lash line with the super vivid red pencil again to really make sure it popped.

Pairing it with a matching blush and lips amps up the pretty. I don't know why but I read this trick in a magazine ages ago and using my bronzer or blush to do all three has always created a very pretty, girly, healthy look. In this case I went with Cloud Paint in Haze**, doing an aggressive swath on my cheeks.

** please note, I am a Glossier Rep and do receive a small commission when you shop through my link. Not spon, just love and rewards.