Winter is coming. This is a GOT joke, but also a reminder that now is the time to spend as much time as possible outside before winter comes. You can just ignore this is you live in Florida or California. For everyone else reading this, Fall is my favorite time of year for hiking. The weather is perfect, cold but not freezing. Not soul-crushingly hot. Just right. The foliage is in a gorgeous cycle of decay, something I've learned to appreciate because sometimes that withering away is just what the cycle needs to get back in balance. To make necessary the act of restful healing, so that those two things - dying, sleeping - can bring out the gloriousness that is Spring. If this isn't some kind of metaphor for what I've been through I legit don't know what is.

Cute hiking gear (and the right footwear) helps a lot to motivate me out the door. I have a deep, persistent love for anything by Outdoor Voices. But the great thing about nature , if you aren't in the mood for cute anything - BOOM. That's ok, too. In fact it's always OK, but I digress. Wear layers to protect from plants, scrapes, sunburns, bugs, hot, and cold. Otherwise, embrace the all-loving essence that is glorious nature.