Your face is gorgeous. Stunning. It's where all your feelings and experiences project outward into the world. It's not like anyone else, it's exclusively yours. It is the most luxurious, bespoke, complicated thing you will ever have. It's couture.

My preference for such things this year (and previous few years) is a choker (or 3.) I have sensitive ears and can rarely last a night in anything larger than a huggie. I've been spending more time outside and looking down at my phone less, so my neck is gloriously stretched out and swan-like. I'm also a fan of a glittering pile of bracelets, used to sweep my hair back just so to draw more attention to my face. Pictured is currently in heavy rotation. Rainbow colors seem best to combat the dark cloud that hangs over us all right now (his name begins with a T.) Most of them were gifted to me which only adds to their appeal.

Jewelry is like make-up that requires almost zero skill or effort. It looks great on everyone. It reflects your personality in it's pure intention - it takes work to remember little extra things like relatively useless baubles. And yet, they aren't useless are they? They draw attention to your face.