There is a filter (lense? whatever they are calling it!) on instagram stories that pops up in my feed a lot. You know the one I'm talking about. It makes your skin look glowy and poreless, your eyes sparkle (when they aren't turning into exploding hearts) and your cheeks a flattering pink blush. It's so flattering, so blatantly pretty. I'm obsessed with it. So I decided to try to create my own makeup version of this look. Turns out it's pretty easy, with the right tools.

Step one: Place a dot of shimmer shadow right on the top of your iris. I used the bronze from Pat Mcgrath's limited edition collection, but any heavily pigmented powder or highlighter will work. Dip a finger in it and just press that dot right in the center of the eye. Don't blend it. Don't worry about it being too perfect. The point is to mimic that otherworldly twinkle that the filter gives in your eyes. Placing it in the center of the lid also makes your eyes look more open and awake. Optional: A few fluttery coats of mascara, some black liner smudged around the outer corner of the eye.

Step two: Apply makeup as you normally would, then finish with a light blurring powder (I'm obsessed with Glossier Wowder, and not just because I'm a glossier rep - it's not drying, not too heavy, just makes your skin look slightly too perfect.) I like to just put it around my nose and mouth and leave the rest of the glow on my face behind.

Step three: Apply a liberal dollop of Cloud Paint in Beam all across your cheeks, with special emphasis on the cheekbone. You can use the actual filter for inspiration on where to place it. It seems like it would be a lot, but it's actually a very helpful tool to figure out where to place that blush.

I also did my normal stuff - brows, lots of dewy skin prep, but I found this look to be flattering and pretty IRL that maybe I'll start to put my phone down more often. J/k not really, but I like it.