Listen, blogging is hard. Writing interesting content 4 days a week when you haven't left your bed in a week, and also, don't want to spend money is particularly challenging. So when the nice folks at Ziip asked if I wanted to upgrade my V1 tiny bottle of their golden gel for a tube, it made me feel amazing. Is this a sponsored post? I don't know. They gave it to me for free, but it was something I had already been writing about, loving, and using for a long time. It feels more like a thank you present for making nice content,

Even if this is #spon I have to admit I freaking love this gel. Of all the gels - and I have tried all of the Nuface ones, plus both versions of the Jenu, I have to say this one feels the nicest, smells the best, comes in the prettiest packaging, and is the greatest pleasure to use.

It's not a "need" - I've written before about how to make your own microcurrent gel - but efff do I love it so much, That's why I've been rationing it like the substance from The Defenders series on Netflix. #nerdjoke.

All of the gels, and even my homemade serum, contain skincare ingredients that are boosted by the microcurrent. This one is no different, and reads like the contents of my favorite K-beauty sheet mask.

  • Packed with cutting-edge active ingredients, including hematite, snail venom peptide, and bio-placenta.
  • Gel is a conduit for electric currents that promote production of collagen and elastin, help heal tissue, eradicate bacteria, and increase lymphatic drainage.

When I use the gel I'm indulging. I'm pampering. I'm caring for myself. For those 4 - 20 minutes that begin with this silky gel touches my fingertips and releases it's honeyed smell, to the vibrating pressure of those two silver nodes is a pure decadent luxury. It's my treat. It's my thank you to my hard working skin and everything it does for me. It's not just the gel that's glowing and golden - it's me also.

So yes, you absolutely can go without the golden gel. But the next time you need a treat I strongly recommend it (oh, and it works with the Nuface and the Jenu also!)