Everyone loves going through someone else's purse. It's how we bond! So when I decided I needed to clean my bag out, itseemed like a good time to slap on a facemask and make a video. SO with that in mind, "Intimacy week" continues with a guided tour of the dark and scary depths of my purse. Watch the video for full details, but I've got a list for you here.

Glossier Products: Stretch Concealer, Balm Dot Com in Rose & Birthday Cake, Priming Mist, Stickers (included with every purchase!)
Pop Socket
Pop & Suki BFF Charm
Mophie Battery with Cord
Chanel Deauville
Lime Crime in Cindy
Brow Pencil #1 
Brow Pencil #2
It Superhero Mascara
Lash Growing Liquid Eyeliner
Hair Protecting Pony Holders 
Foot Glide
Selenite Healing Sphere (works great as a massager)
Palo Santo Incense 
Arnica Pills
Pill Case also think this one shaped like fruit is super cute