I used up all my spoons this weekend and forgot to leave anything for a blogpost. Finding myself spoonless I thought I would share this picture I took on the aforementioned (worth it) trip. I think it sort of captures my life as a spoonie - bed, pills, what I "do" (this blog, things like this and this, being a Glossier Rep)  - and how isolating being a spoonie can be. Sitting alone in a bed, "resting", can feel like an impossible thing to make healthy people understand. As I think about what the next steps in life look like for me, it is especially present in my mind.

Instead, of writing a post myself today (well, besides this mini blurt) I'm going to link to the original article, "The Spoon Theory". If you've never read this article, or just haven't read it recently, I can't tell you enough how valuable it is. It will change the way you understand people living with a chronic illness, in a way that nothing or nobody had ever been able to do for me before. It was also a huge inspiration to me as a blogger and had a giant impact on the intention behind everything I write here.