I was introduced to Just Nips founder because of my connections to breast cancer, and when she asked if she could send me some I was so excited. Why? Because I rarely wear a bra, and instead of subjecting my overly sensitive replaced nipple to cover ups all the time, I thought, "why not put the damn sticker on the totally numb, fake, nippleless breast!?" But then when they did come I though they were so damn cute I decided to put them on both.

First off, let me skip to the end and say these did not hurt to take off. Which was a revelation for me. I need to stop buying the cheap ones because those ones hurt like a mo to take off. These stayed on perfectly for a whole day (plus two outfit changes!) in the very hot, Denver summer. I am pretty sure I had put lotion on that morning, but don't quote me on it. I definitely didn't clean the skin before applying, so another plus for that.

But now for the good stuff. What does it feel like to walk around looking for all the world like you're slightly aroused/chilly? Honestly I forgot I was wearing them. I liked how they made everything look more perky in my clothes, and while I found them incredibly noticeable, nobody stopped me. Nobody stared. I caught one guy, a makeup artist from MAC, staring at me in the mall but unclear if it was the nipples or the super cool glitter rainbow makeup bag I had just gotten and was carrying around because bags are bad for the planet. Another woman gave me a side-eye but it was more jealousy and a wink then malicious or judgy. Turns out if you want less people to look at your chest than normal, fake erect nips are for sure the way to go.

It was a little weird when my arm would accidentally brush against them and I could feel that hard nub under my clothes, but if anything that's just a sign of how little I noticed I was wearing them. You can also see the sticker in some of these pictures, but I never noticed that in real life. Sometimes camera's are weird about that stuff, so take it as you will. Nobody was paying enough attention to really notice either part of them.  I think it looks cute, like a little flower.

Overall, I felt sexy and perky and also like I wasn't wearing anything it all.

I'll post somemore pics of the product later, but for now, please enjoy these adorable photos of me.

**Also, if you are like me and sans nipple, pay attention to symmetry. I kind of threw them on and it wasn't until looking at these pictures I realized they were lopsided. But I guess that just made them look more realistic because most people don't have perfectly symmetrical breasts.