I read this tip in Kelly Mittendorf's profile on ITG, and I got mad at her. I thought we were masking buddies! I'm pretty sure she stole that paper towel trick from me! How could she hold back on something this brilliant?

Either because of my anger or maybe out of sheer laziness, it took me way too long to try it for myself. I am embarrassed when I think of all the precious drops of serum that I could've saved by spending $4 on the little silicone sponge. SMH.

So I was waiting in line at F21 the other day to buy some things for my birthday mermaid vs. pirate private karaoke, and I saw one of those aforementioned silicone blenders. For $4 it felt worth it, so into the cart it went.

I was expecting good, but this really just blew my mind. To wit:

1. That sponge is cleaner than your fingers (assuming you wash it regularly, which is soooo easy to do.)
2. The whole thing (serum + sponge) glides on skin without tugging, which can damage delicate skin.
3. I now use so much less product - none of it gets absorbed by the applicator, and the smooth silicone helps spread a perfect, thin layer all over.
4. Feels awesome, like a sqeezy, soft, smooth pillow of goodness.
5. So spend $4 to save probably hundreds on that amazing but pricey serum? Yes, please.

Silicone Blender + Vintner's Daughter