I had a rough week last week. Every time I go in for the lupron shot I have already forgotten just how hard it is. The hot flashes that wake me up drenched in sweat in the middle of the night. The fatigue that feels like my bones have been refilled with cement, soldering me into my bed. And of course the mood swings, which in my case travel back and forth between hopelessness and irrational anger.

All in all, not a good time to be had.

But this is the one case where, gentle as I may be with my body, dragging myself out of bed and into the sunshine is usually pretty great for me. I'm not talking bootcamp class. I'm talking a "walk" with the dogs, even if that walk is more just me standing and watching them run in big circles. There is therapy in their energy, their snuggles. In the sunshine, the smell of grass, the way the breeze cools my feverish skin.

And while the hot flashes make it unbearable to put on real clothes, nothing is as motivating to me as a cute outfit. Dogs + cute outfit = much happier, better feeling Dena.

So this one is my take on the limited edition Outdoor Voices Aspen Kit.  I chose the hike kit, perfect for walking the dog, hiking, aka my life. The hat and bag were sent to me because I live in Colorado (thanks guys!) but I couldn't resist this perfect flattering green. This is my first time with the Steeplechase bra and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the level of support it provided. I felt very strapped in, like I could actually wear it comfortably on a vigorous hike. Also, my husband thought it was hot.

I got a medium in the leggings. I'm unfortunately somewhere between a medium and a large but closer to a medium. The large ones tend to slip down when I wear them for anything more vigorous than a grocery trip. I'm also retaining a lovely amount of water from the lupron shot, and this didn't place uncomfortable pressure on my bladder. The bra top is a large, although for comfort around the home this one is still my top favorite.

You may also recognize the leash, not going to lie, I love that the band on the bra matches it perfectly.

Anyone know where I can get some hunter green and navy sneakers to match? j/k not really.

OV Limited Edition Aspen Kit in Hunter $100