Sometimes you do something that requires some eye bling. It might be a fun night out, a concert, a festival, a Tuesday, just celebrating getting out of bed that day, whatever. I'm not here to judge you, I'm just here to give you some helpful tips.

First off, you need some good, heavily pigmented color. I used the bronze from the Pat Mcgrath Metamorphosis 005, which can be bought on ebay and other places since it's limited edition/sold out.
Mac pigment should work similarly well, and I plan to take this for a spin. I also used another sold out Pat Mcgrath (the powder that came with the highlighting kit, so this is really about technique, not buy this stuff. I'd suggest using what you have - with the one exception being the Mehron Mixing Liquid. Created to be used with any kind of metallic pigment, it's by far = the secret ingredient. It turns any kind of loose pigment into a waterproof, budge proof, thickly applied wonder, and then washes off easily with soap and water.

For this look, I started with a thick application of plain old black liquid liner. It helps shape the eye and gives me sort of "lines" to work with. I followed this with some Glossier Stretch Concealer, which holds metallic pigment very well. Using my fingers, I pressed a super thick layer of the bronze color against the lash line, starting to build up towards the crease. Then I dipped an eyeshadow brush into the MML, and repeated the process over the lid and upwards of the crease, using the side of the brush to really press the color onto the skin and avoiding smoothing, or rubbing. Then I took my opalescent white and pressed it with my fingers into the inner corners of the eyes. I used this glitter balm to apply a messy wedge shape from the center of my eyes to the outer corner, before repeating the pressed bronzed application in a narrower swath under my eyes. To finish, I used a teal/purple metallic color I got from forever 21 and dipped a very thin liner brush in the MML to turn it into a liquid eyeliner, which I applied along my top and bottom lash line. I finished with a very thick brow, three coats of waterproof mascara.

The best thing about this look is how imperfect it gets to be. By pressing down with the brush it's almost impossible to get a perfect, straight line - and that's ok! The irregularity of the edges is what makes it look so much like real pressed on gold leaf. It's fun!

I completed the whole face by mixing my foundation (in this case a mix of the Hourglass stick I got in my Sephora Play Box, the super light Serum Foundation from The Ordinary) and the Hylamide Photography Fluid in Golden Tan. This gave my skin this gorgeous, glowing, lit from within smoothness, which I paired with No Bronzer, Bronzer and a liberal application of Bobbi Brown Pink Glow on cheekbones and bridge of nose. I applied them both using a beauty blender. Lips got a swipe of gloss.