Not going to lie to you babes, I'm really phoning this one in. We had a rough week - first I got a stomach bug, then Bit ended up in a cone because she had a hot spot. Followed by the discovery of a large wasp/bee nest on our front porch, and of course, my husband getting hit by a car. Thank goodness he's OK. Sore, having trouble working, but OK. So when it came time to write a blogpost for today, I went to the creative well and it was dry. So then I thought. What is the most fun, most joy inducing thing in your beauty arsenal. The answer rose from the magic eight ball.

The incredible smelling, perfectly shimmered, use me anywhere Birthday Balm Dot Com. Which I received as a present for being a Glossier rep, although my obsession with it is solely my own. It smells almost as good as the homemade funfetti cake (pictured above) and damn but does the disco ball packaging never cease to make me smile.

Thank you all so much for all your love during last weeks Mercury in Retrograde explosion. Nowhere to go but up my loves.

Image Provided by Glossier