My super easy mascara hack was such a hit I thought I'd lay another easy one on you. Everyone knows the spot of gloss on the lips trick, but have you ever tried the ombré lips trick? The secret is in choosing the right color. You want something that matches your vermillion - that's fancy talk for the inside of your lips. I used a stub of NARS Pencil in Cruella. Apply it pretty roughly to the inside bit of lips, just that very tiny top and bottom center part under your nose. Don't stretch it all the way to the sides. That's it. It's easier than lipstick because you don't have to worry about coloring "in the lines" - something that makes my poor OCD heart scream in agony because I can never get it right. Seen here with the MUF kit I blogged about a few weeks ago and a lot of time massaging my face with microcurrent.