Listen, I love me some young and gorgeous beauty bloggers (check out Amy Serrano, she's a BABE) but it would be insane to suggest that a five minute face is the same. Of course you only need 5 minutes for make-up my gorgeous little babies. The truth is this would probably be a great look on you also, just more done than you need to look presentable. Embrace your youth. That said - this 5 minute routine uses my VIP products. It's quick, everything fits in my purse easily, there's nothing that will spill or stain. I will not say that I have never applied this while driving a car because that would be lying, but you know, in the back of an uber absolutely. Full disclosure - it's a 6 minute video because I'm talking. But I trust you get the point.

Links to the products I used:

Glossier Sunscreen
Marc Jacobs Fineliner
Mascara Trick I mentioned
Mascara I used
Blender - my video on How to Use a Beauty Blender
Make Up Forever Compact
Brow Pencil
Brow Gel

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