Even as everyone I know whips up into a frenzy in preparation for the new season of GOT, slowly slipping in and then devouring my entire day are a crop of new shows. While the initial premise didn't grab me, something made me click on that first episode. Two to eight hours later when I came up for air I was obsessed. Pull up an air-conditioned seat with your laptop. You can thank me later.

GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling)
watch it on Netflix

Oh, Alison Brie, you are a fucking badass rockstar. You never fail to do me wrong. This fully Bechtel-test approved story of female friendship, racism, sexism, the 80s, and I guess, wrestling is delicious, funny, heart-wrenching, feel good television. Alison's character is annoying AF but she's supposed to be. She's the "heel", the villain, and as her director tells her in the show, "The heel gets the best lines." Alison's character is surrounded by a diverse, hilarious bunch of misfits, each one more loveable than the next. There's the badass stunt double lamenting the lack of casting for black women in the 80s. There's the wrestling legacy. There's the party girl with hidden depths. The anarchist teenager with a secret. The Hot British redhead with hidden depths. Also, because this is clearly a show by women, for women, some smoking hot man candy who add comic relief and twinkling eyes and sex appeal. Like what Chris Hemsworth should have been in Ghostbuster's, but better. I sat down skeptical, and walked away obsessed and praying for another season.

The Bold Type
watch it on Hulu, Freeform

I had never heard of this show until Hulu suggested it for me, but damn am I so glad I gave it a try. The premise - three friends working for what is clearly supposed to be Cosmopolitan magazine - is funny, sexy, cute, and surprisingly smart. And it's not just me. Vulture called it "the best TV surprise of 2017." It's hard to describe what makes it so awesome. The wise and well-acted mentor. The clear and obvious friendship between the three main characters. The punchy storylines that feel somehow familiar but also fresh, as the show manages to take them in all kinds of new and unexpected directions. Even the overwhelming amount of belly button for a magazine office seems plausible. The first two episodes dropped yesterday, check them out.