It's here again.** Just like it is every single year. My birthday. Which also happens to be my "cancerversary" aka the day I found my lump. If you haven't been doing so, take a second and pay attention when you wash in the shower. Just take a note of what it feels like. If you notice something weird see a doctor. That is my first birthday wish of you.

My second birthday wish of you is to be kind and loving to yourself. This is for sure cheesy AF but I swear I get better looking every year. I feel myself fitting better in my skin. Melting in the crevices and pockets that felt too tight or too loose. I look at my face, like all the time, but instead of seeing things I would change, I see the things I like about myself. I finally, fully feel like my outsides look as they are supposed to. I think that contentment shines outward through my pores, which in turn by the divine nature of irony and Murphy's law makes me even more beautiful. Aging is such a wily beast, but she is mine and I have survived another year.

Here are some very close, very beautiful pictures of my face. This vanity is a present to myself, but also maybe to you. I have imperfections. I am not airbrushed, or pixelated or lit by anything but some very flattering cloud covered sunlight. I am wearing the exact makeup I described in yesterday's post (in face they were all taken as a set! Behold the man behind the curtain. He is contentment, diligence, and expensive skin care. Also love, so much love I wonder if sparkles out of me when I laugh.

Fingers crossed for 35. And 135.


**Depending on when you read this it may have already happened. Or it might be tomorrow. It's July 28, which makes me a Leo. Get it?!? I'm a Leo and I have Stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer. That's the pun nobody understands. Sigh.