My relationships with a bra is a complicated one. It's fraught with all kinds of feelings. The lust I felt for my first bra when all my other friends had trainers and I didn't need one yet. My first beautiful bra. My first well fitting bra and how it completely changed the way I looked (and/or felt about how I looked) in my clothes and out of them. The first nude bra that matched my skin tone so well I could wear the coveted fashion girl staple of a thin white tee. The sheer, pleasurable release of unhooking a bra at the end of the day and releasing my skin and ribs and organs from the death wire grip. The freedom of no longer needing a bra, and how that thought soothed me in the face of my mastectomy. My utter revulsion at learning I would have to wear a bra, even to sleep, as I recovered from the aforementioned procedure. And the way it squeezed my tender flesh, pain layered upon pain.

It would surprise none to learn that I rarely wear bras these days. I might have bra related PTSD. Me and bras have been through a lot together. So when a very cool, very kind Spanx employee pulled this perfect smooth little bralette from her box of goodies, I could not believe that lust I felt rising in me. It looks soft. I love the way the seams pressed flat, the perfect luster of the fabric, the exactly right thickness of the straps, the shape of the cups. Sensing, no doubt, the desire in my eyes she told me to try it on. I did. I pulled out my phone to order it. She gave it to me. It probably seemed easier than prying it off my cold, dead body.

Not to be gross but I've barely taken it off since. I've fallen asleep in it three times, something I have literally never been able to do in a bra willingly before (see above.) I wish I had this bra after my mastectomy. Or for the other 33 years of my life.

So that's how it feels. What about how it looks? Well it looks amazing. The cut provides magical support while the hosiery back lies flat and flush and smooth. The wide straps are comfortable, but set in slightly from traditional bras which does three amazing things; makes it wearable with a larger range of shirt cuts, provides an unprecedented level comfort on the top of the shoulders, and best of all, removes the dreaded quadruple boob armpit cup spillage which not only looks but feels terrible.

Here's way to many pictures of me in said bra for further reference.

Big big thank you to Taylor for this amazing gift. I will love it until it falls to pieces on my (sleeping) body.

Sizing note: I wear a 36C and in this bra I was a medium. It did give a little squish, but in a sexy way which made me feel like my husband might like this bra as much as I do.