Behold, the looks you will be sick of come August but for now they seem fresh! Sheer necessity (pun intended) dictates new looks when the temperature starts to crawl up into the 90s on the regular. The only option is to lean into the dewiness, cut back on everything else, and pick signature styles that are water/sweat/heat resistant.  Here are my top three right now, on basically constant rotation.

LOOK 1: The Hat Sidebraid Minimal Makeup aka "The Tom Boy" 
SIGNATURE: Skin, natural - heavily sunscreened - but not much also
THE TRICK: Skincare
Difficulty level:  High - your skincare game really has to be on point, and this side braid took me like 12 tries...

This particular look works because it's doing a lot (side braid! hat!) while also not really doing that much at all. For this look, I did an awesome face mask, followed by some microcurrent, super potent oil blend and some serums, and finished it off with a healthy dose of sunscreen.  I also hadn't touched dairy in three weeks. Eyes got a very thin layer of my current waterproof mascara of choice (in black brown) and clear boy brow.  A little stretch concealer around the nose and eyes for color correction, some in rose, and I was out the door.

THE LOOK: Hot Weather Glam
THE TRICK: Pick a long-lasting pencil formula that fades nicely, put your hair up to reduce heat induced melting and/or hair tracks

This particular look might actually be easier than the previous one because it has coverage and some face-shaping (let's not call it contouring, ok?) It starts with sunscreen but then a light foundation is applied just around the face perimeter (like in this video) and then a light wash of liquid bronzer and haloscope highlighter in quartz on the tops of the cheekbones. Instead of one coat of waterproof mascara , I added three coats, creating that thicker line at the bottom by really pressing the brush into the baseline before I wiggled it up through the tips. Brows got boy brow in brown this time but with the addition of some feather strokes from a brow pencil. Then I applied a very thin coat of red lip pencil, blotting it out with my finger. My very dirty hair - day 9 no wash - got a dose of dry shampoo foam and then went up into a high bun for facelifting and neck cooling purposes.

THE LOOK:  Brushes Brows, Doesn't Brush Hair
THE SIGNATURE: Big Brows, not much else
THE TRICK: Combing the skincare of look one, with the sheer foundation and bronzer of look two minus the lipstick, plus a whole lot of brow. Flowing waves optional.
DIFFICULTY LEVEL: medium (easy techniques but requires a lot of stuff and time)

This look is really a hybrid of a polished look and a natural beachy look. Ignoring the hair (I let it air dry then touched up some of the pieces with a curler and topped with wave spray) it's actually a very clean look. After skincare is complete (see above) and sunscreen applied, a light layer of foundation is applied around the face, with a bit of stretch concealer applied under the eyes and around the nose. In place of bronzer and highlighter, a wash of cloud paint in beam is applied across the apples of the cheeks and on the tip of the nose.  The lips get a nude semi-gloss in the form of this lipstick, picked for me by makeup artist Jamie Keller. Eyes get a little liner smudged into the outside corners, 5 coats of the waterproof mascara, and then a whole lot of pencil added to give a super plus dark brow (if you scroll between the brows you can def see the difference between my natural brows and the penciled in version!)