First, let's all take a moment and get past our pity. Life is hard. The struggle is real. J/k not really. The truth is between sun, sweat, sunscreen, chlorine, wet bathing suits, and that hat being all the way in another room things just happen. I get it. I am a delicate flower. Here's my emergency plan of action for the aftermath of a good weekend that left me a shriveled up, frizzy haired, bacned wreck of my former self.

In chronological order:

Deep condition that hair. That perfect crunchy, beachy wave is going to come back and bite you in the tush in about two weeks if those keratin tubes don't get some love ASAP. Still obsessed with the Palm Springs Pre- Shampoo Foam.

Exfoliate neck down with an oil based scrub. Even as your grain of choice sloughs off the baddies, the oil will help to soothe and balance those parched, overworked skin cells. Meanwhile, my face is getting some combination of gentle exfoliation and soothing moisturization as needed. 

Wash off hair mask. Scrub roots with Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Salt Scrub and condition ends (from the ponytail down) with Ouai Volume Conditioner

I treat my dry, parched, sun and chemical-abused skin as if it's basically just a rash waiting to happen. Which means: a gentle, mild soap used at least once a day.  My current love is this french pharmacy brand but really anything that is marked for sensitive skin will work.

Then it's a clean moisturizer, also marked for sensitive skin.  For the face I like Atopalm, from Peach & LilyFor the body there is nothing like the magic of pure lanolin, which is extremely hydrating but also non-greasy and gentle, like this all-over everywhere cream from Lanolips. Sometimes I will double layer, dipping myself in coconut oil before applying the thick layer of lotion. 

Last, but definitely not least, I drink at least a pool's worth of water to combat all that dehydration and flush out anything else all that good times left behind in my system.