I know I know, I'm disgusting. The truth of this title is I really only wash my hair like once a week, and sometimes I'll stretch it further than that. It's 95 degrees outside today, what I want to be messing around with hot tools for? And it isn't an issue now but I remember summer in New Orleans. One word, humidity. Unwashed hair is in so many ways easier to manage, looks shinier, holds a style better (up or down) and is basically what all those wave and texturizing sprays are trying to fake. This way is much cheaper. But there are tricks - tricks that go beyond just sticking with it through that first month when your scalp adjusts to producing less oil. Tricks that are not Dry Shampoo (although  this is my favorite one for day 5 or 6!) Behold, the secrets to this lion worthy mane.

1) When I do wash I wash well. I mask. I wash just the roots with the cult favorite Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Salt Scrub, then wash the whole head with a color-protecting shampoo from Davines, then only condition "below the ponytail holder" a piece of advice I read somewhere that is so spot on. I justify the expense of these products because I wash so infrequently that they last me forever. 

2) Scrunchies and other creaseless hair things. Nothing ruins an extended style like a freaking crimp. Plus I feel like they just crunch into your hair, squeezing all the oil from your scalp in like some kind of bully. When I workout, wash my face, sleep, go to the pool, I always have one of these handy to do a high or low loose bun, which protects my hair from the worst of the sweat, oil, sunscreen, chlorine, and other baddies that force me to wash it more than I feel like. They also make a nice wave.

3) Hats. I know, anti-thetical, right? But I've found that my scalp responds to sun exposure with the production of sweat and/or oil. A nice big loose weave straw hat is the best because it doesn't smoosh down roots and lets things breathe up there, but a loosely worn all-cotton baseball cap is handy in a pinch and I keep them everywhere - bags, car, cooler, baskets scattered around the house. Bonus SPF for the face, which is really how I discovered this secret. A side braid is also awesome if you're wearing a cap but want to look slightly more "done" and/or get the hair out of the way.

And here's a picture with my fancy camera in case you don't trust the resolution of my iphone selfies xx