I'm sure eventually I will write something deep and profound about this, because I know there's a lot of stress involved in seeing how this damn procedure is going to turn out. There are a lot of images out there, telling a lot of stories. This is mine. I like the way the thing turned out. They aren't symmetrical, the masty breast is a perfect circle, they ripple when I bend over on certain days (not on this day, trust me I tried) but they are mine. For now, I'm just going to let the pictures speak for themselves because I can't really figure out what else there is to say. It's been almost two years exactly from when these photos were taken, and I said a lot there. I've explained tissue expansion. I've talked about healing my scars. I still have no desire to turn my weird little misplaced, nipple-esque  fold into something more like where a nipple should be because I'm not ready to be sliced open again. In the first picture in the slideshow, you can quite vividly see the very large fatty lipoma that developed in the aftermath of the removal portion of all those surgeries. They are very far from perfect and yet I love them so. I think they are stunning. I wish everyone could love their boobs as much as I love mine. Not having that giant tumor in there anymore still makes me happy. They are sexy, not diseased. Not homicidal (for now.) And best of all, my complete lack of nudity related shyness allows me to share them with any of you who might be facing a similar fate and fearing the outcome. I hope these bring you hope for what is possible in the world of science magic. I hope nobody ever has to go through this, but if they do I hope they end up loving their Frankenstein bodies** as much as I love mine.

These photos were not edited in any way, but the light was very flattering natural outdoor light. **I say this with love because it is the best, most literary way to describe being cut open and sewed back together over and over.

This is NOT a nipple. And this whole area is totally numb. And because it's so horribly off-center it always pops out to say hi and shock people with its nipple-like appearance.  It's just a fold of flesh left behind in case I wanted to make a nipple someday. So far this does not appeal to me, but who knows.