Smells evoke feelings. Call it aromatherapy, call it scent memory, call it smelling good. Scientists and hippies and everyone I've ever talked to who has a sense of smell and some emotional awareness seem to agree. There's just something about smells that can, to some extent, trigger or control feelings. Maybe it's because your nose is so great to

So when this new line, based in LA, reached out to me in a super sweet email and asked if I wanted to try their new line of cute looking, delicious smelling bath products that hilariously describe what they hope to help you do, I agreed to check it out.**

Obviously I could not resist the emotional well-being one, because soaking in a pot of water is already incredibly important to my mermaid self. Plus coconut milk and mango sounds delicious, and reminds me of what my honeymoon in Costa Rica smelled like. This seemed like a more feasible option.

I won't say that when the envelope arrived in the mail I sprinted immediately the the tub. I think I waited a respectable 65 seconds. Enough type to pop open the cap and confirm that it indeed smelled as delicious as promised. But then I was filling the tub and pouring a generous dollop of silky cream in after it.

If I had to have a complaint (and I feel like this is a minor one at best) I used about half the bottle to keep the bubbles going at the level I like them, for the hour and a half I spent soaking. This may be a case of user error, but if your goal is a massive pile of bubbles this might not be for you. If your goal is to be silky and delicious and have your husband follow "that delicious smell" to find you in a bathtub, this might be a good choice for you. Also the package is adorable and would make an awesome gift for someone who's feeling a little stressed out.

Not Soap Radio Liquid Freud Body Wash

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