Some very important essentials:
  • a partner in crime - preferably one you can talk to endlessly
  • sunscreen (yes, even in the car!)
  • hand sanitizer
  • mist
  • moisturizer (face + body)
  • healthy snacks like fruit, protein bars, charcuterie 
  • chapstick or balm
  • phone charger (with cords if required) 
  • Aromatherapy (we picked peppermint which helped us feel alert, awake and fresh)
P.S. these tricks also work well for plane trips, bus trips, basically anywhere you'll be trapped in a moving box with recycled dry air and someplace to go where you want to arrive fresh not frazzled. 

Scroll down to check out our road trip playlist (theme: songs you can sing along to!) and the music video for our epic adventure...