I very rarely go for real, full coverage concealer. it's a lot of work, plus too many people tell me they miss my freckles. That said - every once in awhile I want full coverage, be it because of a massive cyst, a bruise, the ease of not having to slowly apply paper thin layers of tinted moisturizer. It's much easier to go for full coverage than that no makeup thing. The secret is really in the formula, something creamy but light feeling, that glides on

The gorgeous compact houses long-wear, smoothing liquid foundation and a perfectly matched concealer.  Created by  famed Korean makeup artist Jung Saem Mool, the result is flawless skin that's radiant (not grey, or matted) plus it boasts broad spectrum SPF 30 PA ++ provides UV protection.

It includes:
  • A silicone elastomer gel smooths the skin to minimize fine lines and pores.
  • Soft-focus spherical powders give a light scattering effect.
  • A gorgeous mirrored compact

I found the included applicator difficult to use, but with my beloved beauty blender (misted with the Lagom Mist, k-beauty style) it went on incredibly smooth and easy, depositing a thick but dewy layer of pigment. The perfectly matched concealer (dabbed on just my clean finger) banished the pitch black bruise next to my mouth (can you see it in these pictures?) I finished it with boy brow in black, cloudpaint in dusk and beam, haloscope in moonstone and generation G in like, plus a swipe of liquid liner

Beyond the roughness of the applicator, my biggest complaint is the shade range - I wear the darkest color - but that's unfortunately common with Korean color products. 

If you're pale, looking for a gorgeous full coverage foundation in a chic package, this one is def worth a try.