Having never ever in my life, even at my skinniest, had a "thigh gap" I should feel more affronted. TBH I always thought I had amazing legs, by far my best feature. All of a sudden they aren't good because they touch in the middle? How is that a thing? So, sorry for the SEO title but that is what, unfortunately, or fortunately, the condition is best known as. This title, chub rub, which I personally think is adorable because chubby is sexy to me, describes a particular rash that occurs when flesh rubs against flesh (how is that not hot?)

If you get this then you probably already know what it means, but for those of you never blessed with touching thighs or cleavage - when it's hot out shorts, or bad bras - can cause the skin to come in contact with other skin. We sweat to cool down. The sweat, aka the salt water from your bodies cooling system, leaving behind salt crystals, which can produce tiny micro scratches. Like your bodies natural exfoliating microdermabrasion gone amok. Unlike other rashes (post coming soon) this one should not be treated with a steroid cream, as it can irritate the skin further or irritate the open wounds. Ok, less sexy.

Anyways, there's only one way to cure it, so it's much better to prevent it. You can do that with athletes glide sticks, or by making fashion choices like long, loose fabrics. The gliding sticks leave behind a thin layer of silicone, which prevents the skin from rubbing against itself. The fabrics work by doing same.

If you feel the chafing began (yes, that's the technical term - see why I like chub rub better?) your best bet is to immediately wash the area with soap and water, to clean off the salt before it scratches. A powder can also help with immediate relief, and to keep the area dry and sweatproof while it heals. Don't put the glide sticks on an existing rash, trust me...

Ill fitting bras and other tight clothing can also cause a similar reaction on delicate breast tissue, so the same steps apply with the addition of wearing l properly fitted bras to prevent this from starting in that region.

Bringing sexy back, right? Yasss.

I once got a really bad case of chub rub, while wearing a maxi dress at a wedding. I danced so hard, and my thighs were under the dress, and I didn't notice until the next morning when it was a heinous, painful situation. Do not be ashamed to treat, prevent, or just lament chub rub in a sexy way on the internet.