Something I have become an expert on since I started to experience the blood-thinning side effects of my medication. Whereas I never bruised before, now suddenly I'm a freaking peach. So here's what you do.

1) Ice the area immediately. While you're at it, go full RICE. Rest Ice Compression Elevation - if possible.

2) Apply arnica gel.

Sometimes these two steps are enough to prevent a bruise from even forming! But if not, here's what comes next.

3) Boost the arnica gel with microcurrent - I alternated between my Jenu,  Ziip, and Nuface when I got a bruise on my face I was desperate to get rid of. The slight vibration also acts to promote circulation which clears up a bruise more quickly.

4) Hot compresses. (Do the same as above. After 24 hours you should switch from cold to hot.)

5) Gentle Massage. My selenite wand is awesome for deep tissue in big muscles (mostly neck and legs) but also to gentle massage hard to reach areas.

6) Vitamin C Serum. I found this doing a deep dive on the web for how to cure bruises fast (remember, face bruises) but I only came across this once, so take it with a grain of salt.

Anything I'm missing? Let me know in the comments. xo.