There was a time, not so long ago, when you couldn't thumb through instagram without seeing a half-naked internet celebrity covered in coffee grounds. It was brilliant marketing, giving a sexy, sarcastic voice to a humble coffee ground scrub. With the cute pouch, cuter photos, and some fairly decent results from the awesome combo of caffeine to tighten, salt to heal and scrub, and coconut oil to moisturize anti-bacterially. It worked. But it was not worth the $18 a bag, plus shipping internationally what is essentially the contents of my garbage can right now, and slowly it faded from the cultural gestalt. I'll make my own, we all said, then promptly forgot about it and went on with our lives. Turns out mixing coffee grounds and oil is kind of a messy pain in the ass - as much or more than cleaning the scrub off your tub or shower.

Lo and behold, the marketing geniuses at Trader Joe's saw an opportunity. At $5 a bottle it's hard to resist the allure of not destroying your own kitchen, but I'm sure the margins on the product are still ridiculous. I don't care - it's totally worth it. It leaves my skin butter soft, I rarely have to moisturize afterward, and after I scrub down whatever water source I used I end up with a cleaner bathroom also. Totes worth it.

Keep your eye out at your local store, you're welcome.