I try really hard not to just by things because they have adorable packing. But it's a constant struggle. There are just some brilliant freaking packaging designers out there worth their weight in millenial pink gold.  So obviously when I saw the whole R+Co I was like, Dena, be strong. You don't know anything about these products beyond having an awesome packaging designer. I asked around but couldn't really find anyone who had moved, like me, beyond the "this packaging is rad" stage of consumerism.

So, when I saw the pre-shampoo foaming mousse, I asked my very talented hairdresser friend and he was like "Yes, this brand is awesome. And yes, in Denver you need a mask because this climate is dry and brutal on hair. But don't buy anything new until you finish what you have." Such sage advice could not be ignored.

That night I opened my last packet on hand of my beloved Ouai Hair Mask and squeezed the tiniest droplet onto my ends. I love the stuff, I really do, but the truth was in this dry climate it was just too heavy for my hair. I knew I needed something lighter.

Therein lies the appeal of this pre-shampoo foam. It's light as air. It didn't weigh my hair down like truly effective conditioners are wont to do. I don't have to choose between crunch but full, or flat but soft and shiny.

After applying the foam and letting it soak in (it corresponds perfectly with a good face mask) I just wash and condition like normal afterwards. For me right now that's Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Salt Scrub, which is kind of obsession worthy in and of itself. It comes out as this decadent creamy paste with satisfying salt crunch, and then turns into an incredibly satisfying lather (my fear with anything interesting cleansing wise, psychologically I just need that foam. Then it's Ouai Volume Conditioner, but only from "the ponytail down" which was a brilliant piece of advice I wish I could remember where I read.

 I finished with my beloved, special hair towel, and a few drops of my favorite oil. My hair air-dried to this gorgeous wave, silky soft, and incredibly shiny. It was so clean but still had texture, and was light enough to grip the little moisture in the air to provide soft, shiny hair.

Horrifyingly bad midday lighting in Denver, basically blows out every photo but look how shiny!!!
who's shinier - me or the other bear?