Some of you have asked me what my "custom blend" is to treat the acneic, sensitive skin that I mentioned in this video. Here's my formula, which I combine based on what I feel like my skin needs (I'm very in tune with myself!) I find this formula works best when my intention is self-care. I am not trying to punish my skin for not behaving. Nor is my intention to "battle" or "banish" anything. Instead, I focus on the things that keep my hard working, much-abused skin in balance.

Here's what is in heavy rotation:

Priming Mist: never underestimate the power of a toner. Not only does it immediately feel amazing, and prime skin to take on all the amazing actives, but it also resets the skin's ph, which can be the first step in throwing things dangerously off balance.

Super Pure: to heal the infection, battle redness, and calm "inflamed" skin. I usually use this every day because it's so light, airy and effective.

Kypris Clearing Facial Serum: boasts a ton of impressive, natural ingredients but my favorite is the tea tree oil and zinc, which heal infections. This one was kind of an impulse purchase when I ran out of Super Pure on a Friday (devastation, even with express shipping, I swear I thought I had another backup!) and it's just a gentle, effective, all natural, kind of strong smelling thing that I will throw on every couple of days when I'm feeling virtuous.

Joanna Vargas Daily Serum: for redness, rebalancing, and to heal discoloration and scarring from cystic acne. The "alkalinizing" effect serves to make an unfriendly environment for inflammation, which is the root cause of acne as a disease. Bonus, it's a potent anti-aging also. I usually use this every other day, alternating with the Drunk Elephant C-firma 

Renee Rouleau Anti-Cyst: as the name says, I use this as soon as I feel the distinctive pressure and "tingle" of an emerging cyst. Can't rave about it enough. FYI they have a newer, cuter packaging now. Can't wait to restock.

Dr. Hauschka Clarifying Oil: this was one of those products that came from my L.A. pilgrimage, and when I got this giant cyst it really proved it's worth to me. There is nothing worse than a throbbing deep cyst/zit that's also painfully dry and flaky on the surface. I dabbed a little bit of this on to lock in the other treatments, and heal the drying, and it made my concealer glide on more effectively. I only use the tiniest, tiniest drop of it, but it makes an awesome moisturizer for broken out skin, which can be so hard to find.

Atopalm: is my go to for when it's actually not acne, it's a rash, or eczema, or some other mystery outbreak caused by irritation. This stuff is magic and way less scary than other steroid options for allergy-based outbreaks.

Lapis Oil: this stuff is the most magical healer, seriously, ever. It smells amazing. Feels amazing. And is just all around incredible. It's better (and more natural) than Neosporin. I apply it lavishly on breakouts and bask in the instant feeling, and appearance, of relief. I'm still dying to try the Blue Cocoon balm but at $26 this roller is definitely a good entry point to explore the wonder of blue tansy oil.

Also shown three of my favorite anti-aging skin luscious-making products: Vintner's Daughter, Magic Cream, Copper Amino Isolate Serum