The Sexiest Picture of Me READING ever taken... 

Do you ever feel different? An outsider? Misunderstood? Like there is nobody else in the world quite like you (but not in the good way...)

Welcome to being a human female. Of any age. Teenagers don't hold the patent on angst. I feel it, too. I do or say the wrong things. I get in this shame spiral of hating myself, my big mouth, my awkward body, my circumstances. That is when I turn to my feel good friends. These books are like candy. I can read one cover to cover in about two hours. I put on a mask, sink into my bed, and escape into a first person narrative that takes me through puberty swiftly, messily and with a warm and fuzzy conclusion that lifts me out of my funk.

This list is an addendum to my Definitive List of YA Series, one which captures that whole "non-scifi" realm of YA (note my reluctance to call it realistic...) These are basically the guiltiest of guilty pleasures.