Bikyni, the brainchild of former Reformation COO Jude Al-Khalil, is a refreshingly minimalist collection of tops and bottoms with the impressive tagline ""You don't need a better body, you need a better bikini."

Their lofty goal of delivering superior fit, online only, plus premium fabrics, flattering cuts, and a mid-range price point, was just the challenge that I love to take on. I love my body, but it is different than a lot of other bodies. Plus, I want to protect my scars from the sun when I'm swimming, a challenge for any bathing suit since my mastectomy scar stretches far past the range of a normal nipple.

With that in mind, I was lured in by the promise of the long-line top (I love that wide band) and the cheeky bottom (which I find particularly flattering on my spin class tush) I purchased the only color available in my size in both those pieces - unfortunately keeping them in stock seems to be their biggest issue right now - and sat in to patiently await arrival.

Bonus point one, they arrived super fast, way earlier than promised. When does that ever happen?

I opened it, prepared to immediately reject the whole premise if the nude ended up being too "spanxy" but was pleasantly surprised to find a gorgeous bronzey nude that seemed to make my skin glow with health. No wonder they call it Hula. It definitely has shades of the eponymous, but differently spelled, Benefit bronzer that is universally flattering and warming for most skin tones.

The wide flat bands on both top and bottom were comfortable and lay flatteringly flush against the skin without causing the dreaded pinching that is the death of so many beloved bikinis.

The top was surprisingly supportive, although it did require the addition of some fashion tape to keep the scars from flashing.

Overall I was very impressed with the cut, fit, fabric, and color, but I will let the pictures sum it up for me....

Bikyni | Denim Bucket Hat | Glasses | Lips | Coverup (sim)